Mercedez Vibrating Pussy and Ass

Mercedez Vibrating Pussy and Ass

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Sex Toys For Men

Penile Stimulation


the Human Penis

The human penis differs from those of some other mammals. It has no erectile bone; instead it relies entirely on engorgement with blood to reach its erect state. It cannot be withdrawn into the groin, and is larger than average in proportion to body mass.


The human penis is made up of three columns of erectile tissue: the two corpora cavernosa (singular: corpus cavernosum) and one corpus spongiosum

The corpus spongiosum lies on the underside (known also as the ventral side) of the penis; the two corpora cavernosa lie next to each other on the upper side (dorsal side).

The end of the corpus spongiosum is enlarged and cone-shaped and forms the glans penis. The glans supports the foreskin or prepuce, a loose fold of skin that in adults can retract to expose the glans. The area on the underside of the penis, where the foreskin is attached, is called the frenum (or frenulum).

The urethra, which is the last part of the urinary tract, traverses the corpus spongiosum and its opening, known as the meatus, lies on the tip of the glans penis. It is both a passage for urine and for the ejaculation of semen. Sperm is produced in the testes and stored in the attached epididymis. During ejaculation, sperm are propelled up the vas deferens, two ducts that pass over and behind the bladder. Fluids are added by the seminal vesicles and the vas deferens turns into the ejaculatory ducts which join the urethra inside the prostate gland. The prostate as well as the bulbourethral glands add further secretions, and the semen is expelled through the penis.

The raphe is the visible ridge between the lateral halves of the penis, found on the ventral or under side of the penis, running from the meatus (opening of the urethra) across the scrotum to the perineum (area between scrotum and anus).

Most men have their first orgasm with the help only of one of their hands, and throughout life this may remain a perfectly enjoyable and comfortable way to reach orgasm. However, there's definitely no harm in experimenting with new sensations to see if you like them. For example: the Power Stroker which focuses sensation on the head of the penis, or the Cybersleeve, which distributes sensation all along the shaft of the penis.

Stimulates the head


Add a little Gel

Pump with Tongue

Senso Lips

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Prostate  Stimulation

For some men (though certainly not all), ass play in general, and prostate stimulation in specific, is the one thing they discover in late adulthood that they wish they'd discovered in early adulthood.

The "Toys for Both " section below will cover most butt toys, since most of them are designed equally for men or women, but one toy deserves special mention in this section: the Anal Strobe. It's specifically designed for men for the sake of prostate stimulation, either on its own or accompanying masturbation.

Stimulation of the prostate gland in males has been compared to stimulation of the Gräfenberg spot in females in that prostate stimulation can result in a more powerful orgasm. Stimulation of the prostate gland can be accomplished through anal sex and anal masturbation. Putting pressure on the perineum may also stimulate the prostate. Pegging, where a woman penetrates a man with a strap-on dildo, also provides intense prostate stimulation for most men.

A separate practice, prostate massage or prostate milking refers to massage of the prostate either for clinical purposes, or more commonly as part of erotic sexual denial, associated with BDSM and orgasm denial.

Some toys For Prostate Stimulation


Stubby Nubby G

Pocket Anal T

Dr Joels Anal Starter

Countour Vibe

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Oral Sex Stimulators as good as the Real Thing

What Is Oral sex consists of all the sexual activities that involve the use of the mouth, tongue, etc., to stimulate the genitalia. It may be used as foreplay before intercourse, or as climax of a sexual act, which may also include the ingestion of semen and vaginal fluids. Ingestion of these fluids alone, without physical mouth-to-genital contact, is not considered to be oral sex.

Fellatio - Oral sex upon a penis

What is Fellatio?

Fellatio, giving head, giving a blow-job. Many men love this kind of stimulation, and many people, both women and men, like giving it. Fellatio is the act of applying your lips to a man's penis with the purpose of giving him pleasure.
There are few tips to fellatio that can be given other than practice. The lips and the tongue are the major sources of stimulation, and it is with the lips and tongue that you should apply the attention to make him feel good. Both men and women respond well to pressure and rhythm. A steady, strong stroke will be enough to get the reaction you're looking for.


What if it doesn't smell or taste good?

If the smell isn't something you enjoy, then tell him to go take a shower! While this is something you're doing primarily for his pleasure, that doesn't mean you have to suffer if he's lacking in hygiene! And if you're worried about germs, your mouth has millions more germs than a clean penis.


What is "deep throating?"

Deep throating is the act of taking the penis down past your gag reflex. In reality, this particular sexual adventure is very overrated. The best way to give fellatio is still with the lips and tongue, taking only as much as you can without gagging. However, for those that want to know, the basic lesson is still practice. Take the penis as far as you can without choking, and then close your eyes and concentrate, taking each quarter inch, telling yourself that you won't choke, that you can take it out at any time, and slowly swallow it down. Then rise off of it just as slowly.


Are there any special spots on the penis?

Every penis is different, and each has its sensitive spots and its preferred ways of being handled. Listen to your lover. The sounds he makes and the feel of his body tensing are your best clues that you're going this right.


Should I use my hands?

Feel free to grasp with your hands whatever of the penis you can't fit into your mouth. Many men like as much stimulation as possible, and the feel of a wet mouth and a saliva-slicked hand are enough to send them to the brink of orgasm very quickly.


What is 69?

Some people feel that the best position to perform oral sex is the 69 position, where each partner lies with their head by the other's genitals. For fellatio, this even makes sense-- most penises curve upwards, towards the head, and in this position that curve matches the curve of the throat. However, it is difficult to both perform and appreciate oral sex at the same time. Try the position, or kneel by his body, but at least in the beginning do one thing at a time.


My boyfriend wants me to swallow. What do I do?

Which brings us to a sensitive issue: swallowing ejaculate. For many men, this is important to them-- they like to feel that by swallowing their semen, you complete this act of lovemaking and accept a part of themselves into your body. But many people don't like the taste of semen and can't bring themselves. Talk about this beforehand-- let him know if you can't handle it, and that it's not personal.


Can I make my seminal fluids taste better?

Macrobiotic nutritionists have actually done research on this question, and the answer is in: you are what you eat. Common sense dictates that if you taste good, your lover will want to eat you more often, so improving your body's taste and smell should be important to you.
In general, nutritionists say that alkaline-based foods such as meats and fish produce a butter, fish taste. Dairy products, which contain a high bacterial putrefaction level create the foulest tasting fluids by far. (Dissent: almost everyone I know says that there is one worse than a high-dairy content-- asparagus. You can't miss the taste of asparagus-laced semen.) Acidic fruits, such as sweets, fruits, and alcohol give bodily fluids a pleasant, sugary flavor. Chemically processed liquors will cause an extremely acidic taste, however, so if you're going to drink alcohol, drink high-quality, naturally fermented beers (Rolling Rock or Kirin) or sake.


What are the contents of semen?

The question of semen content arises especially among persons who regularly swallow semen, as in fellatio, and who are concerned about calorie intake and nutritional substances. The average ejaculate contains aboutonia, ascorbic acid, blood-group antigens, calcium, chlorine, cholesterol, choline, citric acid, creatine, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), fructose, glutathione, hyaluronidase, inositol, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, purine, pyrimidine, pyruvic acid, sodium, sorbitol, spermidine, spermine, urea, uric acid, vitamin B12, and zinc.
The caloric content of an average ejaculate is estimated to be approximately 15 calories.

A last word.

There is only one true way to do fellatio, and that's with enthusiasm. You have to love what you're doing to him, either because you love him or you love sucking cock. Loving both is best! Faked orgasms have nothing on lackluster fellatio

Oral Sex Toys


No , its not a Fish

Dayton Rain's Sucker

Devin Lanes Lips

Arias Lip Pleaser

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Realistic Vaginas

The Human Vagina


The vagina (from the Latin for "sheath" or "scabbard" ) is the tubular tract leading from the uterus to the exterior of the body in females.

The human vagina is an elastic muscular tube about 4 inches (100 mm) long and 1 inch (25 mm) in diameter that connects the vulva at the outside to the cervix of the uterus at the inside. If the woman stands upright, the vaginal tube points in an upward-backward direction and forms an angle of slightly more than 45 degrees with the uterus. The vaginal opening is at the back (caudal) end of the vulva, behind the opening of the urethra. Above the vagina is Mons Veneris. The inside of the vagina is usually pink, as with all internal mucous membranes in mammals.

(In common speech, the term "vagina" is often used improperly to refer to the vulva or female genitals generally; strictly speaking the vagina is a specific internal structure and the vulva is the exterior genitalia only. Calling the vulva the vagina is akin to calling the mouth the throat.)

The vagina has the following functions:

Admit the penis of the male for sexual intercourse and ultimately the introduction of male gametes (sperm) for the fertilization of ova. Heterosexual post-pubescent males are generally sexually attracted to the human female vagina and the resulting penile erection from such arousal facilitates vaginal penetration. (See: Coitus).

During live birth, provide the route to deliver the fetus from the uterus to its independent life outside the body of the mother. During birth, the vagina is often referred to as the birth canal.

Provide a path for menstrual fluids to leave the body.

Provide sexual pleasure to a woman during the sexual intercourse.

Length, width and shape of the vagina may vary. When a woman gives birth and during sexual intercourse, the vagina widens and lengthens up to 2-3 times.

Vaginal lubrication is provided by glands near the vaginal opening and the cervix and also seeps through the vaginal wall (which does not contain any glands).

The hymen—a membrane situated behind the urethral opening—partially covers the vagina in many organisms, including some human females, from birth until it is ruptured by first coitus, or by any number of other activities including medical examinations, injury, certain types of exercise, introduction of a foreign object, etc.

Some women have a very sensitive erogenous zone called "the G-spot" inside their vagina, which can produce very intense orgasms if stimulated properly. Not all women have a g-spot that is responsive to stimulation, however


Variable speed vibrating vaginas and anus with realistic hair and color.

Chasey Lain Deluxe

Chasey Lain Deluxe


Sandy's Pocket Pal

Vagina and Anus

Like Like Vagina

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Cunnilingus - Oral sex upon a vulva

What is cunnilingus?

Cunnilingus is the fine art of making love to a vagina with your mouth and tongue. It is a delicate skill, requiring patience, practice, and dedication to get it right, but any woman you learn to do it right for will appreciate you all the more for it.

What applies to the penis applies to the vulva-- every one is different, requiring a different touch to make its owner happy. But few tools can equal the tongue for the amount of pleasure it can deliver to a happy vagina.

This article assumes that you know what a vulva looks like and can identify with some precision the mons veneris, labia majora, clitoral hood, clitoris, labia minora, urethra, vagina, and perineum, to name them (approximately) from top to bottom.

How fast should I go?

This isn't an attack. Don't go after the clitoris like a fireman attacking a fire. Quite often at first, the clitoris is far too sensitive for direct stimulation. Lick around it, stimulating the hood, teasing her inner labia, tasting her. Take your time and listen to her. Some women make noise, and some do not. It will be a while before you learn exactly what your lover prefers as far as oral sex is concerned.
Some women may like additional stimulation-- a finger or two into the vagina, or perhaps even the anus. She may want your hands to reach up and play with her breasts, or she may want your fingers to hold her labia apart so that your tongue can get at her vulva more directly.


I've heard cunnilingus doesn't taste good.

If the taste or smell bothers you or is a concern, ask her to wash first. Most people who enjoy cunnilingus agree that a clean vagina is a good, if acquired, taste.
As a woman nears her climax, she may want more direct stimulation. In general, fast, rhythmic stimulation is most effective at causing climax-- but there shouldn't be a rush to get there. Take your time and learn to appreciate what you can do for her.


What about cunnilingus during menstruation?

Some people are particularly turned off at the suggestion of cunnilingus during menstruation. If it is a concern to you, then wait. A tampon may well hold the blood back, as will a diaphragm, but some men can't stand the taste anyway. If your partner is healthy, however, there is no particular danger in menstrual blood, and some women find that orgasms during their periods allievate cramps.



Penis Pumps

The penis consists of three basic parts, the head, the shaft and the base. The head, also called the glans, refers to the tip and is also the most sensitive area of the penis. Men who have increased the size of their penis have reported a much improved self image, increased sexual confidence and greatly increased sexual performance. Throughout history, humankind has been fascinated by the penis, especially by large penises. Cave drawings from 440 BC show kings with huge penises blessing their towns. So called "Natural" methods of penis enlargement rely on several similar techniques to increase blood flow to the penis. Though most programs online make ambitious claims regarding the nature and degree of potential enlargement, they all offer essentially the same product

All penis enlargement pumps operate on essentially the same premise. If you increase blow flow to the shaft and tip of the penis and maintain continuous flow to the area for a period of time each session, you will build up the size and width of the penis. By breaking down old cells and replacing with new cells more blood will flow to the penis, therefore increased size.

While there is no medical evidence suggesting the penis will remain the size when pumped over time. Millions have been sold and there are websites devoted to this very topic. A pumped penis will increase a lot in girth and length. Recent studies suggest woman do enjoy a large penis. Most prefer a larger girth over length.

Firemen's Pump

Economy Try it  Out

Better Ramrod

Dr Joels Best

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What Is Masturbation is the manual excitation of the sexual organs, most often to the point of orgasm. It can refer to excitation either by oneself or by another (see mutual masturbation), but commonly refers to such activities performed alone. It is part of a larger set of activities known as autoeroticism, which also includes the use of sex toys and non-genital stimulation. There are also masturbation machines used to simulate intercourse. Masturbation and sexual intercourse are the two most common sexual practices, but they are not mutually-exclusive (for example many people find the sight of their partner masturbating highly erotic). Some people are able to achieve orgasm only by masturbation and not by sexual intercourse. In the animal kingdom, masturbation has been observed in many mammalian species, both in the wild and in captivity.

Ways of masturbating common to members of both sexes include pressing or rubbing the genital area against an object, such as a pillow, inserting fingers or an object into the anus (see anal masturbation), and stimulating the penis or vulva/clitoris with electric vibrators, which may also be inserted into the vagina or anus. Members of both sexes may also enjoy touching, rubbing, or pinching the nipples while masturbating. Both sexes sometimes use lubricating substances to improve the sensation available.

Reading or viewing pornography, or sexual fantasy, are common adjuncts to masturbation in adolescence and adulthood. Masturbation activities are often ritualized. Various fetishes and paraphilias can also play a part in the masturbation ritual; potentially harmful or fatal activities include autoerotic asphyxiation and self-bondage.


Most men have their first orgasm with the help only of one of their hands, and throughout life this may remain a perfectly enjoyable and comfortable way to reach orgasm. However, there's definitely no harm in experimenting with new sensations to see if you like them.


Vibro Sucking Stroker

Dr Joels The Kaplan

Pussy Masturbator

Cyberskin the Best

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Erotic Clothing-more on clothing

Erotica, from the Greek language [Eros] “love”, are works of art, including literature, photography, film, sculpture and painting, that deal substantively with erotically stimulating or arousing descriptions. Erotica is rather a modern word used to describe the portrayal of human sensuality and sexuality with high-art aspirations, differentiating such work from commercial pornography. While pornography popularly focuses on unadorned and unemotional lusts and the explicit depiction of sexual acts, erotica tends to define material with a higher emotional content, the development of place, character and story line, or of an overall artistic theme. However, such distinctions are necessarily subjective and may say more about the critic's own tastes on erotic material than the artistic and other attributes of the material itself. In the motion picture  sense, soft porn is a similar kind of commercial art form that resides in the area between erotica and hardcore though erotica, as a type of fine art, may also be highly sexually explicit.

It is a notable trait of the strength of the human reproductive drive relative to the psyche as a whole, that unambiguous reference to sexuality, framed in a manner which the perceiver thereof finds acceptable, tends to initiate an involuntary reaction of sexual arousal, possibly building increased sexual desire, which may lead to creating or taking advantage of opportunity to engage in sexual activity. This can be true of erotica just as well as other, both more and less refined references to sex. Depictions of the human body which merely fail to conceal or disguise the secondary sexual characteristics of its particular gender may be all that is necessary to trigger arousal in a person who is attracted to that gender. For this reason, erotica is too broadly described merely in terms of the effect that it engenders in its audience, as all sexually related matter has the potential to create such an effect. For example, in the absence of the availability of pornography, some men have used clothing catalogs as a form of erotica.



Home of The Whopper

Fishnet See-Through

Latex Peep Hole

Funny Undies

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